Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers – A Buying Guide

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Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers – A Buying Guide

Everyone has a preferred sleeping position, and if yours happen to be on the side, you definitely need to get the best mattress topper for side sleepers.

You see, side sleepers have more aspects to consider when it comes to buying a mattress topper. Unlike stomach and back sleepers, we side sleepers exert all of our body weight on a much smaller surface area – namely only one side of the shoulders and one side of our hips.

This factor alone warrants extra considerations. We need a thicker mattress topper and one that is not too firm, to make sure that we can sink in sufficiently and allow our body to be cradled fully.

Otherwise, we experience pain on the pressure points (our shoulders and hips), and we tend to toss and turn throughout the night just to find a comfortable sleeping position.

In this article, we have selected 6 best mattress topper for side sleepers to make sure that you sleep snugly, but we also understand that comfort and sleeping preference can be very subjective from person to person.

To capture the overall user satisfaction and choose the best mattress topper for side sleepers, a more accurate method is to look at hundreds of customer reviews and conduct in-depth research into the materials used for each topper to understand what makes them great (or not).

And that’s exactly what we did. We filtered several dozens of selections and consolidated the results below, based on the feedback from hundreds of genuine reviews.

#Mattress TopperRatingPrice GroupsSizesWarranty PeriodCertifications
1Best Overall
Viscosoft 4"
best mattress topper for side sleepers viscosoft
4.6 stars$$$Twin
Twin XL
California King
3 Years
(With 60 Days Money Back Guarantee)
2Best Budget
SleepJoy 3"
best mattress topper for side sleepers sleepjoy
4.4 stars$$Twin
Twin XL
California King
5 YearsCentiPur-US
5Best Cooling
Lucid 3"
best mattress topper for side sleepers lucid
4.4 stars$$Twin
Twin XL
Full XL
California King
3 YearsCentiPur-US
3Sleep Innovations 4"
best mattress topper for side sleepers sleep innovations
4.4 stars$$$$Twin
California King
10 YearsCentiPur-US
4Linenspa 4"
best mattress topper for side sleepers linenspa
4.4 stars$$Twin
Twin XL
California King
3 YearsCentiPur-US
6Best Price 4"
best mattress topper for side sleepers best price
4.2 stars$$$Twin
Twin XL
Short Queen
California King
5 YearsCentiPur-US

Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers 2018


best mattress topper for side sleepers viscosoftRATING4.6 stars


WARRANTY: 3 years (With 60 Days Money Back Guarantee)

MATERIAL: Down Alternative Top Cover
MATERIAL: Gel Memory Foam



PROS: Dual Layers, Dense Memory Foam, High-Quality and Washable Down Alternative Top Cover, Elastic Straps Secure Topper to Mattress, Good Value for Money, Excellent Motion Transfer Reduction, Sleeps Cool, 60 Days Money Back Guarantee, 3 Years Warranty

CONS: May Release Odors Upon Unpacking

If you are not absolutely strapped for cash, The Viscosoft 4″ topper is the best mattress topper you can get as a side sleeper. In fact, even if it falls out of your budget, we would still recommend that you top up a bit more to get this topper.

Why? For one, it is constructed using a high-density, 2.5″ gel-infused base memory foam layer, which lasts longer and doesn’t tear easily.

Secondly, it has a 1.5″ quilted and breathable down alternative-filled top cover that adds a luxurious feel to the product.

Better yet, this cover comes with elastic straps to secure the topper to your mattress that is up to 18″ thick.

These perks are hard to come by, considering it ticks almost all of the other important boxes that make for a good mattress topper for side sleepers.

Good-density cooling gel memory foam? Check.

Breathable and high-quality cover that is washable? Check.

Good thickness of at least 3-inches thick? Check.

Medium-soft firmness that cradles your body gently? Check.

Adheres to CentiPur-US safety standards? Check.

60 days money back guarantee and 3 years warranty? Check.

Priced reasonably for the quality it provides? Check.

As you can see, there is nothing much to complain about this mattress topper, apart from the occasional odors upon unpacking (which goes away within days).

This is why it has received an overwhelmingly positive rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars in Amazon at the time of writing.

The only other dual layer mattress topper that is recommended for side sleepers is the one by Sleep Innovations, which by the way, is also a well-loved product.

However, that topper is significantly more expensive than this Viscosoft topper, even though they yield almost the same results (good thickness and density to support the weight exerted by side sleepers).

Either option will prove to be a good choice and probably won’t disappoint you, but going with the Viscosoft topper can save you quite a bit of money.

Of course, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you are free to return it for a full refund within 60 days.



Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers: Essential Considerations


Terms like mattress toppers, mattress pads, and mattress protectors are often used interchangeably as if they are the same products.

In reality, there are slight differences and they are designed for unique purposes. You can have both a mattress topper and a mattress protector at the same time if you need them.

Mattress Topper
mattress topper example
1. Provides an extra layer to existing mattress
2. Improves comfort significantly
3. Generally thicker than a mattress pad
4. Thickness usually range from 2-inches to 4-inches
Mattress Pad
mattress pad example
1. Provides extra padding to existing mattress
2. Keep bed sheets in place
3. Most models are waterproof
4. Helps with regulation of body temperature
Mattress Protector
mattress protector example
1. Can be a casing or a layer on top of existing mattress
2. Protects against liquid and allergens
3. Can be used in conjunction with mattress toppers


Generally, mattress toppers and mattress pads are purchased when you want to enhance the comfort of your bed. Mattress toppers, especially of memory foam construction are excellent at softening up a firm mattress surface to improve sleep quality.

On the other hand, mattress protectors are used to protect your existing mattress from sweat, spillage, and allergens. They are waterproof and hypoallergenic, and they are generally easily removed and cleaned.

Therefore, if you have a slightly worn mattress but you are not ready to replace it just yet, purchasing a mattress topper is an economical way to rejuvenate your bed and save the money you could have spent replacing the whole mattress.

Alternatively, if you think your brand new mattress is too firm for sleeping on your side, it is definitely to a good idea to soften it up using a thick memory foam topper.

You can also place a mattress topper on top of your brand new mattress just to protect it from daily wear and tear. This will extend the lifespan of your new mattress considerably.

Not only that, if you are allergic to your sleeping surface or just want to protect it against water splashes, you can still add a hypoallergenic mattress protector (even if you already have a mattress topper).

What that in mind, here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding which is the best mattress topper for side sleepers.


What’s best for one person isn’t necessarily the best for the next. While some users like to get the best bang for their bucks, others prefer to invest a substantial amount of money into their purchases to make sure they get the best possible results.

Even though we have selected Viscosoft topper as the best mattress topper for side sleepers due to its balanced price points, cooling capabilities, comfort, and body support, this doesn’t mean that it is the best mattress topper for you.

We work hard to detail the strengths and weaknesses of each recommendation we make, so look out for the criteria that are important to you when you read through the guide.



Thickness, along with density are some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a good mattress topper for side sleepers.

Unlike back and stomach sleepers, we side sleepers exert a lot of pressure on just one side of our shoulders and hips.

As a result, we always have to toss and turn throughout the night to keep ourselves comfortable.

Even so, we still wake up with aches all over our body, and the main culprit is often the firm sleeping surface.

This is why we recommend mattress toppers that are at least 3 inches thick, to make sure that they sink sufficiently for pain relief.



Again, unlike back and stomach sleepers who can sleep well on a very firm surface, the side sleepers need a soft surface to sleep well.

Generally, mattress toppers that are rated 3 lbs. per cubic foot and below are considered low-density and on the softer side, while those exceed 3 lbs. per cubic foot are considered medium-soft.

In our case, all memory foam mattress toppers are generally soft enough for side sleepers to sleep comfortably.

Even the medium-firm memory foam mattress toppers are soft enough to sink considerably, provided they have a decent thickness of 3 inches and above.

Given the same price, we would select the topper with a higher density because it represents better quality and durability.

Therefore, if you are torn between 2 mattress toppers with similar specs and prices, always go for the denser one for long-term considerations.



The mattress topper that you choose should be CentiPur-US certified.

This is a well-established certification to make sure that the product does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals, and is regulated by Consumer Product Safety Commissions Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Being CertiPur-US certified also means that the topper does not contain PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and heavy metals, as well as formaldehyde and forbidden phthalates that are harmful to you and your family’s health.

All mattress toppers recommended in this guide are CentiPur-US certified.



Motion transfer reduction refers to the ability of a mattress topper to absorb local movements and prevent disturbance on the other side of the bed.

For example, if you are sleeping with a partner or with a pet, how often is your sleep disturbed because they toss and turn in the bed?

A sleeping surface with good motion transfer reduction will absorb these movements and keep them localized.

Usually, softer surfaces are better at absorbing motion, and the memory foam mattress toppers featured in this list are excellent in this regards.

You won’t have a problem with sleep disturbances with any of the recommendations in this list.



As mattress toppers are flexible, they are often compressed and shipped in vacuum packaging.

To preserve the structural integrity of the product, allow your topper to expand to its original size before using it.

Most mattress toppers expand to their full sizes within 24 to 48 hours, some take lesser time. Refer to the manual that comes together with your purchase for optimal expansion time.



Of course, even though price is the main driving factor for most people’s purchasing decision, it is also important to focus on the overall build quality, certifications and customer satisfaction as well when it comes to buying a mattress topper.

This is something that will affect your sleep quality so we recommend that you buy your top choice, test it out at home, and return/exchange it if it doesn’t feel quite right.

If you have settled on a choice, rest assured that most toppers will come with a minimum of 3 years warranty.

However, it is still important to read their terms and make sure that you don’t do anything that can void your warranty.




Even though we have selected Viscosoft 4″ Dual Layer Gel Foam Mattress Topper as the best mattress topper for side sleepers, we understand that not everyone has the same needs.

You may be looking for the cheapest mattress topper for side sleepers, or you are looking for one that cools you down the most.

We encourage that you select the most appropriate topper based on the criteria are important to you.

Best in CategoryMattress Topper
OverallViscosoft 4" Dual Layer Gel Foam Mattress Topper
BudgetSleepJoy 3" VisCO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper
CoolingLucid 3" Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Keep in mind that even though it can rejuvenate your bed, a mattress topper is not meant to replace your existing mattress.

If you have an old and sagging mattress, it might be better to invest in a good memory foam mattress instead.