Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress Review – Affordable Natural Latex Mattress

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Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress Review – Affordable Natural Latex Mattress


No off-gassing
Affordable natural latex mattress
Great spinal support
Good motion transfer reduction
Reinforced edge support
Can be used with adjustable bases
CertiPUR-US, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified



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The Eco Terra 11" Luxury Latex Mattress is an extremely affordable natural latex mattress that offers superior quality and enhanced body support, thanks to its fabric-encased individual coils.

It is also certified by CertiPUR-US, GOTS and OEKO-TEX standards, making it safe for use by young kids and toddlers.

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Eco Terra is a company that promotes eco-friendly mattresses, and this is shown in their Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress.

While most other companies use hybrid or synthetic latex for their mattress production, Eco Terra has chosen to go the natural route and adheres to stringent certifications such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (more on that below).

Eco-friendliness and safety of a mattress is no doubt an important consideration for your family’s health, but most consumers are also concerned with their sleep quality, durability, as well as prices and warranties of their purchases.

Therefore, in this in-depth Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress review, we’ll talk about the inner structure of the mattress, points to note when selecting a firmness level, its certifications how do they affect you, as well as what other customers are saying about their purchases to help you make the best buying decision.


Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress Review


One of the first decisions you have to make when it comes to buying a mattress has to be the type of materials used to construct the product.

Nowadays, consumers are flooded with a plethora of choices, such as memory foam, hybrid foam, latex and spring coils mattresses just to name a few.

Out of all these selections, latex and memory foam mattresses are shown to provide some of the highest customer satisfactions and ratings. Latex mattresses are especially resilient, most notably the mattresses made of natural latex.

The Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress is one such example. Instead of using synthetic or latex hybrid, Eco Terra has opted for 100% natural latex for the upper layer for more comfort and durability.

The ratio of natural and synthetic latex in the comfort layers of a mattress often correlates strongly with both the price and overall quality of the product.

Mattresses with high percentage of natural latex are much more resilient, longer-lasting and comfortable for sleeping, and thus tend to be more expensive than their counterparts that use synthetic or latex hybrid.


eco terra 11" luxury latex mattress layers


  1. Top Layer: 2.5″ of Natural Latex comfort layer. This layer provides the buoyancy that is characteristic of latex mattresses and keeps the sleeper cool throughout the night.
  2. Bottom Layer: 8.5″ of Fabric Encased Coils base layer. This layer features individual calibrated coils that conforms to each unique contour of your body and provides pressure relief.
  3. Mattress Cover: Surrounding these 2 layers is a GOTS-certified cotton fabric mattress cover. It offers superior breathability, and the pinstripe design of the fabric also provides a soft surface that is comfortable to sleep on.

It is clear that the design and choice of materials for Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress are very well thought-out. The combination of breathable mattress cover and comfort layer ensures optimal heat transfer, and the individually wrapped coils minimize motion transfer.

Above all, the integration of each layer results in a mattress that offers good cooling, pressure relief and support for either back sleepers or side sleepers.

Find out more information about each layer below:


eco terra latex layerEco Terra claims that their latex comfort layer is plant-derived and 100% hypoallergenic due to its organic nature.

The latex layer is also perforated (as shown in picture on the right) to enhance heat transfer and temperature regulation.

As a result, heat generated by the sleepers throughout the night can be easily transferred away to prevent them from waking up in hot sweats.

eco terra fabric encased coilsEco Terra chose a unique combination of latex comfort layer and fabric-encased coils as the bottom layer (most other manufacturers either use memory foam or HD polyurethane foam as base).

The fabric-encased coils provide superior body support as they are completely independent of each other and respond to the unique contour of your body with perfect amount of pressure relief.

Apart from that, the use of individual coils effectively eliminate motion transfer. They minimize disturbances to a user even if the sleeping partner tosses and turns at the other side of the mattress.

eco terra mattress coverThe mattress cover used for Eco Terra 11" luxury latex mattress is made of soft organic cotton that is certified by GOTS.

As a result, they do not contain harsh dyes and irritation that can cause irritation. The mattress cover has also been conferred the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Product Class I certification, which means that it's safe for even babies and toddlers.

Its pinstripe design offers breathability and enhances heat transfer in conjunction with the perforations in the latex comfort layer.

Speaking of natural latex comfort layer, we found that Eco Terra’s prices are quite a bit cheaper than its competitors that use natural latex in the construction of their mattresses.

While a Queen size mattress made of natural latex can easily cost you more than $2,000, Eco Terra has managed to keep their prices low by handcrafting everything in-house and shipping directly to the end users. Their mattresses are compressed and shipped in a compact boxes by UPS Ground, much like the practice of Casper and DreamFoam.


eco terra prices


Eco Terra harvest their own rubber from natural latex production facilities in Sri Lanka, which is then processed and shipped to California, USA for assembly and construction of the mattresses.

No money is spent on ornate showrooms, overpriced packaging and expensive commissions for 3rd party retailers.

This is why Eco Terra can afford to sell their products at a much lower price points compared to their competitors who feature the mattresses in showrooms and retailers.

Of course, the downside of this decision means minimal exposure of the brand to consumers and limited production capability, since everything is handcrafted and produced in-house by Eco Terra themselves.

As a result, the availability of Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress is often limited, even on large e-commerce sites like It is also significantly less well-known than larger competitors such as PlushBeds, even though they produce quality mattresses.

In terms of firmness, Eco Terra offers 2 different levels of firmness for their luxury latex mattress:

  • Medium (ILD 24-26)
  • Medium-Firm (ILD 29-31)
ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection. In simple terms it is a measurement of how hard or soft a foam is. In more accurate terms it’s the number of pounds of pressure required to indent 4″ of foam by 25% using a 50 square inch indentation.


A mattress with a low ILD rating is very cushy on the body but provides little to no support. On the other hand, a mattress with high ILD rating provides great support but is hard on your shoulders, hips and knees.


plushbeds firmness ILD


According to an independent market research by PlushBeds, the medium firmness that achieves an ILD rating of 24-26 provides a perfect balance between balance and support. 80% of their customers are satisfied with it, which happens to be the same as the firmness rating found on the medium Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress.

With that said, most customers who buy the Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress should be comfortable with the medium firmness (ILD 24-26), unless you are specifically looking for a firmer surface.


Certifications of Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress


Eco Terra puts a huge emphasis on eco-friendliness and safety for users, as evidenced from the certifications by 2 of the most stringent standards – the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Product Class I.

GOTS requires that at least 95% of the materials used in mattress be certified organic, and it prohibits the use of certain substances even for the other 5%, including chemical flame-retardant and polyurethrane. That means any mattress that uses poly HD foam as the base layer will be excluded.

The fire barrier is instead made from plant cellulose fibers and hydrated silica, similar to the materials used in children’s pajamas. It meets federal and state flammability requirements, without the use of harsh flame retardants and chemicals.

It is also certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.

While OEKO-TEX Standard 100 doesn’t certify that a mattress’s fiber is produced organically, it does set limits for the emission of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, VOCs can cause health effects such as ENT irritation, headache and nausea, damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system, and it is even suspected to cause cancer in humans.

The OEKO-TEX’s tests for harmful substances are fundamentally based on the respective purpose of the textiles and materials. The more intensive the skin contact of a product and the more sensitive the skin, the stricter the human-ecological requirements that it needs to be complied with.

For mattresses, the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Product Class I is applied, which is the most stringent product class in their 4 classes hierarchy. A certification by OEKO-TEX means that the mattress is safe for even babies and toddlers at home.

Lastly, the CertiPUR-US label certifies that the mattress does not contain PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and heavy metals, as well as formaldehyde and forbidden phthalates. It is a similar but less stringent compared to OEKO-TEX, but it’s good to have nonetheless.

These certifications are becoming more important and shaping up to be a gold standard of the industry due to reports of toxic chemicals found in certain mattresses.

If you have young children at home, these certifications (especially GOTS and OEKO-TEX) should become a major determinant in your purchasing decision.


Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress Prices and Warranty


As the prices of mattresses fluctuate over time, we choose to provide price group (in relation to competitors) instead of actual numbers to prevent discrepancy with prevailing rates.

To check the current prevailing prices, follow the link to Amazon product page.

SizeDimensionsWeightPrice Group
Twin38" x 75"59 lbs2/10
Twin XL38" x 80"63 lbs3/10
Full54" x 75"84 lbs3/10
Queen60" x 80"100 lbs4/10
King76" x 80"127 lbs5/10
CA King72" x 84"126 lbs5/10
Price GroupPrice Range
1/10$0 - $300
2/10$301 - $600
3/10$601 - $900
4/10$901 - $1200
5/10$1201 - $1500
6/10$1501 - $1800
7/10$1801 - $2100
8/10$2101 - $2400
9/10$2401 - $2700
10/10$2701 - $3000
>10/10$3001 and above
Note: The price range for a given product is accurate at the time of writing. This does not factor in the prevailing discounts or price increments.

To compare Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress against other manufacturers with similar offerings, refer to the brands comparison section below.

All Eco Terra mattresses come with 15 years limited warranty.

Customers are given 90 nights trial and enjoy free returns within 90 days of receipt of shipment.


What Do People Say About Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress?


As there are quite a bit of variations between individuals in terms of preference for sleeping mattress – whether it’s firm, hard or soft, we choose to look at hundreds of reviews for each product to capture the overall sentiment from the customers.

At the time of writing, there 124 customer reviews on, with 85% of them awarding 5 stars, 13% awarding 4 stars and only 2% awarding 3 stars and below for the mattress.

Similarly, the mattress has garnered 117 reviews on Eco Terra website, with 93% of them awarding 5 stars and the rest awarding 4 stars.

Most customers are satisfied with the comfort level provided by this mattress, with many of them rating it as the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on.

This can be attributed to the individual calibrated coils featured in the mattress core layer. The number of coils increases from 682 from Twin sized mattress, all the way to 1280 coils in California King sized mattress.

The fabric encased coils in the Eco Terra Mattress are 16 gauge (medium) and have an outer perimeter of 15 gauge coils (medium-firm) for added edge support.

This results in 26% more durable edge support compared to using memory foam as the core layer, and prevents sagging of the edges which may cause sleepers to fall off the edge if they are not careful.

Customers are also satisfied with the versatility of the mattress, as the flexible nature of natural latex layer and coil layer allows it to be placed on adjustable bed frames such as the ones used in hospital.

Some customers also commented on the mattress’ ability to absorb vibrations and reduce motion transfer, which does a good job in isolating individual movements without disturbing the sleeping partner.

Users who are sensitive to odor and off-gassing have reported no odd smells coming from the mattress, as is expected from the use of natural latex instead of synthetic or latex hybrid comfort layer.

We haven’t found many negative reviews based on our research, but one of the complaints was coming from a side sleeper, who was getting a little too much pressure on the hip after an hour of sleeping on the mattress and had to turn to get comfortable.

He has since bought a 3″ wool mattress topper that has made a big difference and gotten rid of the problem.

However, there was no information on the firmness of his Eco Terra mattress (medium or medium-firm). It is recommended to get the medium firmness with ILD 24-26 if you are not looking for a particularly firm mattress.


Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress VS Other Top Brands


In this section, the Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress is compared against other top latex mattresses that receive the highest ratings and satisfaction from their consumers.

To view all top-rated latex mattresses, refer to the in-depth buying guide for latex mattresses.

#CompanyReviewRatingPrice GroupsThicknessMaterialsTrial PeriodWarranty PeriodCertifications
1Editor's Choice
Eco Terra
eco terra mattress review
Full Review4.8 stars$$11"1. Natural Latex
2. Fabric Encased Coils
90 Days
Free Return
15 YearsCertiPur-US
Full Review5 stars$$$$$10"1. Natural Latex
2. ARPICO Organic Latex
100 Days
Free Return
25 YearsCertiPur-US
GreenGuard Gold
dreamfoam mattress review
Full Review4.6 stars$$$10.5"1. Tatalay Latex
2. HD Poly Foam
30 Days
Free Return
10 YearsCertiPur-US
casper sleep mattress review
Full Review4.2 stars$$9.5"1. Open-cell Latex Foam
2. Memory Foam
3. Transition Foam
4. Support Foam
100 Days
Free Return
10 YearsCertiPur-US
lucid gel memory foam mattress
Full Review4.2 stars$10"1. Dunlop Latex
2. HD Poly Foam
30 Days
Free Return
25 YearsCertiPur-US
6Brooklyn Bedding
brooklyn bedding latex mattress review
Full Review4.2 stars$$10"1. Tatalay Latex
2. Dunlop Latex
3. HD Poly Foam
120 Days
Free Return
10 YearsCertiPur-US


Should You Buy Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress?


Based on the overall good reviews and ratings of customers, you are almost guaranteed to be satisfied with your purchase.

If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself sweating, the Eco Terra mattress will be a good choice as it offers good cooling through perforated natural latex and breathable mattress cover.

It also offers excellent spinal support, as the individual encased coils contours to the sleeper’s body shape and support the pressure points (such as back and hips) uniformly. Users have reported good motion transfer reduction when they are sleeping with a partner or with a pet.

The certifications given by stringent standards such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certainly provide a peace of mind, especially for parents with small kids at home.

Most importantly, it is one of the most affordable natural latex mattresses out there, and is considered to be one of the best queen mattresses under $1,000. Of course, they are even cheaper options out there, but those are made of synthetic or latex hybrid which are not as durable and comfortable.

All in all, the Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress has garnered very high ratings and good reviews from its users. Coupled with an extremely low price for natural latex mattress, we think it’s definitely a steal.

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