How to Clean a Mattress

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How to Clean a Mattress

Mattresses, like other furniture, get stains and dirt. They can also get wet from sweat and other liquids.

If that happens, this moisture can promote the growth of mold and the decomposition of the material. To enhance the durability of your mattress, it is advisable to clean it regularly.

Here are some tips on how to clean a mattress and a practical guide to maintaining it.


Use enzyme-based detergents


If the stains come from urine, make sure that you remove all of the liquid first.

Apply an enzymes based detergent to help break down the uric acid in the stained area.

After washing the stain and drying it, apply a baking powder and allow it to stay overnight.

Vacuum steam soda after it is completely dried. Hydrogen peroxide combined with hot cola spray can also help.

Use a full 8-oz. glass of hydrogen peroxide with about four tablespoons of steaming cola.


Spray your mattress


If you smoke, you can attempt to eliminate the odor by spraying your mattress with odor eliminators like Febreze.

Let it dry completely before assessing if there is any residual smell.

If necessary, you can also spray your mattress with Lysol or a mixture of vinegar and water, once again giving it the required time to dry before putting it back on the bed frame.

The residual smell of smoke will mostly be eliminated when the mattress is completely dry.

If the odor persists, make sure that you look for the sources of the smell by examining the area near the base of the mattress before using it again.


Sundry to eliminate mold and fungi


Mildew (a form of fungus) and mold can give off an unpleasant smell in the mattress. If you encounter this problem, remove the sheets from the mattress and let it rest in the sun for a few hours.

Vacuum the remaining mold on both sides, and make sure to empty your vacuum when it is complete to get rid of the mold and prevent further spread.

After cleaning, apply a mixture of alcoholic substances onto your mattress surface to kill the spores from mold and also to eliminate extra moisture.

When everything is done, use Lysol to disinfect your mattress for better results.


Use of hydrogen peroxide


If you are looking to eliminate specific stains such as blood, try using hydrogen peroxide.

It is especially helpful in cleaning stains, particularly persistent stains that don’t seem to go away.

Somehow warm water with some salt is also suitable for removing fresh blood stains.

Leave hydrogen peroxide on top of the stain for about thirty munites before vacuuming it away for the best effect.




Even though it is advisable to clean your mattresses once in a while, a better way is to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place.

You can invest in a good mattress pad or a waterproof mattress protector to protect your mattress from stains.

It is also a good idea to clean your bedsheets in warm water to kill the dust mites weekly, in addition to vacuuming your sleeping surface monthly.

As long as you are not using a pillow top mattress, it is recommended that you flip your mattress periodically to minimize the buildup of stains and dirt on any one side.