Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress Review: For Firm Mattress Lovers

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Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress Review: For Firm Mattress Lovers


Highly affordable
Good spinal support
Ideal for those who prefer firm mattress
No indentations even after prolonged use
Enhanced cooling capabilities
CertiPUR-US certified


Off-gassing in first 48 hours
No GOTS, GOLS or OEKO-TEX certifications

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The Lucid 10" Latex Mattress is an inexpensive product geared towards sleepers who prefer a firm bed.

Equipped with breathable Tencel mattress cover and perforated latex layer, it offers enhanced cooling and prevents heat build-up during the night.

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The Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress is one of the recommended value-for-money choices if you prefer a firm mattress.

Generally, most sleepers either like their mattress firm (like latex mattresses) or plush (like memory foam mattresses).

While there are multiple other types of mattresses that offer varying firmness in between, these two types are rated the most comfortable by most consumers.

However, the Lucid 10″ latex mattress is considered by most users to be on the firmer side even among latex mattresses. Will you sleep better on a firm mattress compared to a softer one?

That’s what we intend to find out in this review – where we talk about the inner structure of the mattress, its certifications and how do they affect you, as well as what other customers are saying about their purchases to help you make the best buying decision.


Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress Review


The Lucid 10″ latex mattress is a simple affair – there’s no complicated inner structure, just a good ol’ latex comfort layer on top of a firm HD poly foam core layer.

Of course, you get the buoyancy and fast recovery time of a typical latex mattress, and it does not let you sink too deep into the bed like what you would get with memory foam mattresses.

People either like the sinking feeling or they don’t, so it’s not a good or bad scenario. It all comes down to your personal preference.

With the Lucid 10″ latex mattress, you will get a firm surface that contours and hugs your body a little, but provide great support to pressure points such as your back and your hips if you are a back sleeper.

For side sleepers, your shoulder and hips will produce more pressure, but this will be well-supported by the Lucid mattress as well. The same goes for stomach sleepers that put most pressure on the mid-section of the body.

The mattress is rated medium to medium-firm, so if you prefer a softer and plush bed, you should take a look at Lucid 16″ Memory Foam and Latex Mattress instead.


lucid layers


  1. Top Layer: 3″ of Dunlop Latex comfort layer. This latex layer offers a resilient feel and conforming support. Compared to the ‘sink’ of memory foam, latex provides a bit more ‘push back.’
  2. Bottom Layer: 7″ of HD Poly support foam. This layer provides the support required for body pressure points and keep the mattress solid for long term use.
  3. Mattress Cover: Surrounding these 2 layers is a Tencel blend fabric cover. It improves the breathability and natural moisture control of your sleep environment. It also creates a comfortable air layer at the mattress surface that prevents heat retention.

As with most latex mattresses, one of the best selling points of the Lucid 10″ latex mattress lies in its superior temperature regulation and cooling capabilities.

Memory foam and plush mattresses may provide more hug and contour, but they can also build up heat quickly due to the increased surface area of mattress in contact with the sleeper’s body.

That is why some people wake up sweating in the middle of the night. If you have similar issue, the Lucid 10″ latex mattress may be a good purchase as it counteract heat retention by using a ventilated design to increase air flow through the latex foam layer.

Working in conjunction with the breathable latex foam is the Tencel blend fabric cover, which offers a silky feeling and enhanced breathability.

Here’s what Business Insider says about Tencel as a fabric material:

“Tencel, a fiber made from cellulose found in wood pulp… is composed of nanofibrils — literally very, very small fibers — which are hydrophilic — [have a] strong attraction to absorbing moisture”.

This gives Tencel unique moisture absorption ability, which in turn makes [it] breathable, softer, [and] less prone to wrinkles”.

They also described Tencel as silky, so you will get a mattress surface that resembles silk and cool to the touch, on top of a conforming latex layer supported by a firm, high-density polyurethane foam.

lucid 10" latex mattress box


The Lucid 10″ latex mattress is compressed, vacuum-packed and shipped in a compact box measuring approximately 48″ tall and 12″ wide.

Upon delivery of the mattress, move the package into the room where the mattress will be used, carefully remove the outer packaging and protective wrap, and watch as your mattress expands.

Lucid advises that you leave the mattress to air for at least 48 hours before using it to make sure the initial odd smells (off-gassing) are gone.

Even if you can tolerate the initial smell, it is still recommended leave your mattress for at least 24 hours to let it fully decompress before you sleep on it.


Certifications of Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress


Lucid claims that the Lucid 10″ latex mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US standard, but keep in mind that the certification only applies to the HD polyurethane core layer.

Being Certi-Pur certified means that the HD poly foam is made without ozone-depleting chemicals and is regulated by Consumer Product Safety Commissions Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Apart from that, the poly foam layer is also free of PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and heavy metals, as well as formaldehyde and forbidden phthalates that may harm the health of its users.

This certification is becoming more important and shaping up to be a gold standard (along with other certifications) in the mattress industry for health considerations.

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, VOC can cause health effects such as ENT irritation, headache and nausea, damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system, and it is even suspected to cause cancer in humans.

While the mattress may be affordable, it’s worth noting that the Lucid 10″ latex mattress is not recognized by some of the more stringent certifications (such as GOTS, GOLS and OEKO-TEX). Check out the list of important certifications and what they mean to you in this article.

If you have small kids or toddlers at home, we highly recommend that you get a mattress that has a OEKO-TEX label, as it undergoes stringent tests to make sure it is safe for even babies.

One of the most affordable choices that is conferred both OEKO-TEX and GOTS certifications is the Eco Terra 11″ luxury latex mattress, which happens to be our editor’s choice as well.


Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress Prices and Warranty


As the prices of mattresses fluctuate over time, we choose to provide price group (in relation to competitors) instead of actual numbers to prevent discrepancy with prevailing rates.

To check the current prevailing prices, follow the link to Amazon product page.

SizeDimensionsWeightPrice Group
Twin38" x 74"43 lbs1/10
Twin XL38" x 79"49 lbs1/10
Full53" x 74"66 lbs1/10
Queen60" x 80"84 lbs2/10
King76" x 80"113 lbs2/10
CA King72" x 84"113 lbs2/10
Price GroupPrice Range
1/10$0 - $300
2/10$301 - $600
3/10$601 - $900
4/10$901 - $1200
5/10$1201 - $1500
6/10$1501 - $1800
7/10$1801 - $2100
8/10$2101 - $2400
9/10$2401 - $2700
10/10$2701 - $3000
>10/10$3001 and above
Note: The price range for a given product is accurate at the time of writing. This does not factor in the prevailing discounts or price increments.


To compare Lucid 10″ latex mattress against other manufacturers with similar offerings, refer to the brands comparison section below.

All Lucid mattresses come with 25 years limited warranty.

Customers are given 30 days trial and enjoy free returns within 30 days of receipt of shipment.


What Do People Say About Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress?


As there are quite a bit of variations between individuals in terms of preference for sleeping mattress – whether it’s firm, hard or soft, we choose to look at hundreds of reviews for each product to capture the overall sentiment from the customers.

At the time of writing, there are 230 reviews on Amazon, with more than half of them (61%) awarding 5 stars, 19% awarding 4 stars, and 20% of them awarding 3 stars and below for the mattress.

Most customers are satisfied with the durability and firmness it provides. They have reported no sinking or indentation on the mattress even after years of use, with many of them citing the firmness as good as the day it arrived.

Judging from these comments, it is unnecessary to rotate the mattress every few months to prevent indentations on where you sleep.

However, if you are still worried about it, you can rotate it every 6 months to make sure uniform pressure is applied on the mattress.

Some users have also used electric mattress pads on their Lucid 10″ latex mattresses during winters and reported no problems.

Apart from that, the mattress can be used on adjustable bed frames (think hospital beds) thanks to the flexible nature of latex. Even though the HD poly foam layer is firm, it is still flexible enough to bend slightly.

There are a few complaints about the mattress being too firm, so you definitely need to have the appropriate expectations before purchasing one. This mattress is for people who likes a firm surface – with that said, you can still buy a mattress topper to add some plush if its too firm for your liking.

On the other hand, it is perfect for users who need a good spinal support. Some users who had back pain have seen improvement after changing to the Lucid 10″ latex mattress, thanks to the firm support and contouring of the latex layer.


Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress VS Other Top Brands


In this section, the Lucid 10″ latex mattress is compared against other top latex mattresses that receive the highest ratings and satisfaction from their consumers.

To view all top-rated latex mattresses, refer to the in-depth buying guide for latex mattresses.

#CompanyReviewRatingPrice GroupsThicknessMaterialsTrial PeriodWarranty PeriodCertifications
1Editor's Choice
Eco Terra
eco terra mattress review
Full Review4.8 stars$$11"1. Natural Latex
2. Fabric Encased Coils
90 Days
Free Return
15 YearsCertiPur-US
Full Review5 stars$$$$$10"1. Natural Latex
2. ARPICO Organic Latex
100 Days
Free Return
25 YearsCertiPur-US
GreenGuard Gold
dreamfoam mattress review
Full Review4.6 stars$$$10.5"1. Tatalay Latex
2. HD Poly Foam
30 Days
Free Return
10 YearsCertiPur-US
casper sleep mattress review
Full Review4.2 stars$$9.5"1. Open-cell Latex Foam
2. Memory Foam
3. Transition Foam
4. Support Foam
100 Days
Free Return
10 YearsCertiPur-US
lucid gel memory foam mattress
Full Review4.2 stars$10"1. Dunlop Latex
2. HD Poly Foam
30 Days
Free Return
25 YearsCertiPur-US
6Brooklyn Bedding
brooklyn bedding latex mattress review
Full Review4.2 stars$$10"1. Tatalay Latex
2. Dunlop Latex
3. HD Poly Foam
120 Days
Free Return
10 YearsCertiPur-US


Should I Buy Lucid 10″ Latex Mattress?


We recommend this mattress only if you prefer a medium-firm sleeping surface. Unlike DreamFoam or PlushBeds latex mattresses, you cannot adjust the firmness of the Lucid mattress after you have purchased it.

All in all, it is an excellent choice if you have very limited budget and in need of solid support for your back and hips.

Users have reported good durability with no indentations even after years of use, so you shouldn’t have to worry about its longevity.

There are no issues in its cooling capabilities as well, thanks to its breathable Tencel mattress cover and perforated latex comfort layer.

However, it is slightly lacking on the certifications front. With only CertiPur-US label, it is not as suitable for young kids at home compared to the Eco Terra latex mattress that is awarded with both GOTS and OEKO-TEX 100 certifications.

It is also prone to initial off-gassing (due to synthetic Dunlop latex), so it is advisable to leave it for at least 48 hours before use to prevent yourself from inhaling harmful fumes.

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